Axe Capital Review 2022 – Broker for Your Forex Trading

Axe Capital Review 2022 – Broker for Your Forex Trading

Are you planning to try Forex trading? If that is so, there is one thing that you should do first. You should find a broker that can help you to buy or sell on the Forex trading platform. Currently, you can find many of them. However, this time we are going to learn about Axe Capital Forex broker. So, here is our Axe Capital Review 2022.

About Axe Capital

Axe Capital is a broker that uses the knowledge, reasonable investing, and innovation principle to run its service. This company has been around for years. They have built a long-term relationship with many customers from many countries in the world. Because of this principle, this company also creates an environment that all people can use to trade Forex comfortably. More about that will be explained below.

The Axe Capital Features

This broker offers various features and advantages for its clients. As we mentioned before, one of the benefits is the multi-language feature. Axe Capital provides various languages you can use on its platform. Moreover, they also have customer service that is available in your native language. Therefore, if you call them asking for a solution to your trading problem in its platform, you can understand their guide easier.

To trade using the Axe Capital platform, you can choose five different trading account types. They are Axe Pamm, Axe Season, Axe Sprint, Axe Intellectual, and Axe Pro Invest accounts. Each of them has different features and advantages.

How about the deposit? For the basic account or Axe Pamm, the amount of deposit you should enter before using that account is $250 at least. Moreover, if it is your first time using Axe Capital service, you will also receive a 200% welcome bonus. Therefore, you will get at least $500 to start your trading.

As for other accounts, here is the amount of deposit you should enter before you can use the account:

  • Axe Season – $10,000
  • Axe Sprint – $50,000
  • Axe Intellectual – $100,000
  • Axe Pro Invest – $500,000

Moreover, you also can get other bonuses from this broker. For example, you get a Birthday Bonus, 1 Trade on Us bonus when you decide to close your account, and a Pending Bonus that you will get after you accumulate a certain number of trading points.

As for the trading platform, you will not use the standard MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 that many brokers use. Axe Capital creates and provides the platform that they designed. This platform is optimized to work with the system of Axe Capital. You might need to learn more about it if you are used to MT4 and MT5. However, it won’t take too long before you master and use it as your usual trading platform.


Now, we believe that you understand what Axe Capital can do and give to you for your Forex trading needs. Make sure you prepare everything and plan it out before you decide to use this broker. Once you do that, it is a sign that Forex trading starts here.